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Specializing in military combat swimming and open water swimmers of all levels

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We're a high performance training institution focused on helping our clients dominate the open water, from warfare to the pool. Whether you're a seal in training, or a multi-sport athlete, we offer a variety of training platforms to suit your needs.

Video Courses

We get it, you're busy, so check out our library of ready-to-watch video training courses on everything from the combat side stroke to underwater training techniques.

Training Camps

Whether you're training for a triathlon, getting ready for boot camp, or gearing up for a corporate retreat, dive into one of our world renowned training camps.

Private Coaching

Coaching is never one size fits all, and we understand that. That's why we offer specialty one on one specialty training focused on helping you dominate your goals.


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We're dedicated to instructing swimmers to "own your environment" - if that environment happens to be the open water or the swimming pool. We offer customized training based of you or your organization's needs.

“As the head Navy SEAL swim and water skills instructor at BUD/s (Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL training), I sought out the best swimming instruction I could find to better my own presentation. Jeff Utsch, having already served several years as the head swim coach for the SEAL Teams, seemed like a logical step in finding the top caliber swimming instruction I felt I needed. Thankfully after three days of swimming and many weeks of advisory phone calls, Jeff prepared me for my most successful three years of my career as a Navy SEAL."

Jeff Utsch is absolutely devoted to the success of his clients. He brings an invincible determination with ensuring his clients success, not only physically, but can offer guidance on daily life. Jeff is the consummate professional with a history of amazing swimming experience and achievement. These accomplishments, I know have fueled his resilience and dedication to excellence.

Jeff understands the obstacles life can bring. He is well organized, alert, and brings an energetic mind to his training. I strongly suggest to anyone going into the military or have a need for tactical swimming knowledge to contact Jeff. You will be brought to an entirely different level of water competency."

-Dan Bayer
Navy Seal Swim Instructor

If the water is included in your operational environment, then get the most advanced tactical swim training available.
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From triathletes to open water, maximize your potential when you need it most during meets and races.
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Team Retreats
Whether a company wide retreat, or a team-building weekend with executive staff, there's not much more fun than being in the water.
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What They're Saying

Great course. Extreamly helpful and sets you up to improve on your own in the future.

Active Duty Navy Special Warfare Personnel

Greatly enjoyed the course and can't stress enough how much of a benefit it will be going further.

Active Duty Navy Special Warfare Personnel

Great clear and basic instruction. It was easy to understand and apply to our swimming.

Active Duty Navy Special Warfare Personnel

“Jeff Utsch has put together a world-class instructional video that will teach you how to swim faster and more efficiently.  This easy to follow program breaks down the theory, training progression, and measures of performance that will give you the tools to not only pass a physical readiness test, but will also instill the techniques that prepare you for the rigors of longer open water swims.  Jeff provides multiple angles from above and below the surface as well as thorough explanations on how to achieve maximum performance in a logical crawl-walk-run methodology.  With this program, you will become a better swimmer, and more importantly, understand why.”



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