Level 4 - Training the Right Way

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Training the Right Way

Recommended attendees:  Participants must have completed at least one of the 3 prior courses to attend.  Triathletes, maters swimmers, fitness swimmers, military, or anyone interested in knowing how to get the most out of each minute spent training in the water will benefit from the instruction. Swimmers attending must be in reasonable swimming condition so as to be able to swim up to 400m repeats with moderate rest. 

Course Description:  Many people train for hours every week reinforcing the wrong techniques, training the wrong energy systems and swimming mindless laps of oblivion. Very little is gained in form or function. Training the right way is a one day class that takes what has been learned from the Level 1 through 3 courses and moves from proper form to focusing  on proper training.  Cut your time in the water and dramatically increase the results you get.  Triathletes, military personnel, business owners, and people in general are busy.  Learn how to plan the swim then swim the plan to make every minute of training time effective to an end goal, whatever that goal may be.

Course Goals:

  • Take a baseline efficiency test
  • Know what level a swimmer you currently are
  • See the good, bad, and ugly from in depth Video analysis
  • Dig deeper into Energy systems and how to train
  • Become fitter, faster, and more confident in the water
  • Understand primary and secondary focuses while training
  • Know when to stop and rest (when am I being counter-productive)
  • Implement cycle training into your program
  • Create a Daily/Weekly/Monthly training schedule
  • Plan a season
  • Discuss taper strategies and peaking at the right time
  • Have tools to swim faster, further, and easier
  • Live the Improvement Cycle

Take Aways:

  • Video analysis
  • Tools to create your own practices


  • Available through link

What to bring:

  • Suit
  • Goggles and a spare
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Front snorkel
  • Zoomers or other training fin
  • Towel
  • Writing material