About Us

Streamlined Performance is dedicated to instructing swimmers to "Own Your Environment" - if that environment happens to be the open water or the swimming pool. We offer customized courses based on your individual or organization's needs. Our courses focus on water technique, efficiency, training, and self-coaching. Spend each minute of your precious training time wisely so you get the most out of each and every practice.
Jeff has been a Tactical Swim Instructor to the Navy SEAL Community and other Special Operation Commands for 25 years
"Professional athletes need the water to recover faster, maintain conditioning without injury or mileage, enhance overall fitness levels and extend careers. Triathletes will benefit by knowing the best techniques for the open water and training strategies to get the most out of time in the water. Swimmers of all levels can reach their potential by gaining the proper tools to build the most efficient and powerful stroke"
What Active Duty Naval Special Warfare Personnel Say about Jeff
"Great Course. Extremely helpful and sets you up to improve on your own in the future."
"Greatly enjoyed the course and can't stress enough how much of a benefit it will be going further."
"Great clear and basic instruction. It was easy to understand and apply to our swimming."