Level 2 - Freestyle Techniques for the Pool and Open Water

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Freestyle Techniques for the Pool and Open Water

Recommended Attendees:   The Level 2 Course is for swimmers of all skill levels who want to understand, learn, and implement the best Freestyle stroke possible. Triathletes, Masters Swimmers, Fitness Swimmers, open water swimmers, high school or college athletes, military personnel or professional athletes.

Course Description:  The Level 2 course is a one day course that focuses strictly on the Freestyle, alternative open water and sighting strokes.  Learning the fundamentals of what every efficient and fast Freestyle stroke must have and understanding what options you have for building the individual stroke needed to achieve one’s personal best. A baseline efficiency test is given at the beginning of the course as well as a baseline video analysis. Strokes are critiqued and opportunities of improvement identified. We first learn proper technique and then the corresponding drills to reinforce. Tools will be given for continued improvement beyond the course. Technical gains can be achieved far faster than conditioning gains AND can be permanent if practiced correctly.  It is worth the time and investment made if you are taking time to swim at all. Let’s build it! You can do it, we can help.  The Level 2 course is a strictly technical skill building course.  Training courses start at Level 3. Although plenty of swimming will be done in this course it is not a physically stressful course for most attendees.


Course Goals:

  • Establish an efficiency “Baseline”
  • Understand Efficient Swimming
  • Acquire knowledge to teach skills learned during course
  • Build on strengths and know how to permanently improve weakest parts of stroke
  • Understand the role of technique vs. training in your swimming program
  • Become a more efficient Freestyle Swimmer
  • Create the best individualized stroke for your goals
  • Strive to meet Individual objectives
  • Prepare to be ready (have the right stroke) to train the “right” way
  • Achieve permanent improvements over temporary gains
  • Create a plan to move to the next level
  • Touch open water swimming basics

Take Aways:

  • Personal Video via drop box
  • Short Term Personalized Plan


  • Available through link

Items needed for the Course:

  • Suit
  • Googles and a spare
  • Water bottle
  • Zoomers or other type of sort training fin
  • Front snorkel
  • Writing material