Level 3 - Freestyle Techniques for the Pool and Open Water

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Freestyle Techniques for the Pool and Open Water

Recommended Attendees: The Level 3 Course is a 2-day course that all levels of swimmers (except beginners) interested in learning proper techniques AND understanding how to create and implement a training program while still improving on stroke technique.  

Course Description: This course includes the Level 2 technique day with an additional emphasis on technique work focused on learning to swim in the open water PLUS a day of implementing what was learned in the technique phase and applying it to a training environment.  Day 2 of the course is focused on ingraining skills learned from day one through in-water training sessions. All the goals and tasks of the Level 2 course are achieved while also learning more about open water swimming and an open water freestyle stroke.


  • Implement all Level 2 Class Goals
  • Learn the Fundamentals of open water swimming (in a pool environment)
  • Create open water simulation swims
  • Learn open water breathing
  • Learn open water sighting techniques
  • Use open water alternative strokes
  • Comprehend survival skills used in open water
  • Understand becoming the “BOB”
  • Know skills needed to Swim straight
  • Experience practice sets to ingrain proper form into stroke
  • Understand energy system training
  • Implement the “Improvement Cycle” in training
  • Train to your end. “specificity of training”
  • Know the fundamentals and variable in creating your own program
  • Develop your own program
  • Advance from theory to practice
  • Know your level of swimming and how to progress

Take Aways:

  • Video analysis
  • Training tools to create own practices and advance to next swimming level


  • Available through link

Items needed:

  • Swim suit
  • Water bottle
  • 2 pairs of googles
  • Front Snorkel
  • Training fins (Zoomers or TYR type short fins)
  • Writing material