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Tactical Swimmer’s 2 Day Course | April 6th & 7th 

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This course is a MUST HAVE for anyone in the Special Operation Community or has goals to get there.  

Course Description: The Tactical Swimmer’s Course is designed to help swimmers of all levels improve upon or gain the skill sets required to excel in the pool or open water training and tests they will encounter while qualifying for Special Operations Training.

This course is designed to prepare students for the swimming portion of BUDs (SEAL Qualification) training, Para Rescue training and other Special Forces swimming qualifications.  It is also designed for the operator who is already a part of a SEAL or Special Operations Community to improve upon and expand their skill sets for real life operations. Being part of an elite military command always requires maintaining competency and becoming better at a variety of disciplines.  Owning one’s environment when that environment includes a water element requires technical skills that can be improved upon with proper instruction.   

Course Goals:

  • Become a more efficient/competent swimmer (measured in Time, Stroke Count, Heart Rate)
  • Understand efficient swimming (maximize efficiency in ANY situation)
  • Individual objectives
  • Monitor self-progression and have ability to teach others main concepts
  • Integrate new strokes-Combat Sidestroke/Underwater Swimming/Survival Strokes/Alternative Sidestrokes
  • Application to fin and open water swimming-where applicable
  • Benefits of training in the water (weightless environment) as per the alternative weightless training handout and the Blast article
  • Basic understanding of how to use water time most effectively

Take Aways:

  • Video analysis of stroke
  • Current efficiency score and ways to measure improvement
  • Train to your weaknesses, know what that is
  • 4-week technique phase training
  • 12-week training phase program
  • Individualized program assistance
  • Guaranteed improvements

In Summary: Give each participant the tools necessary to gain the skills and competency required to pass the water portions of their initial military training/testing and thrive in these areas well into their careers.


  • Complete syllabus attached to link

What to bring:

  • Suit
  • Goggles and/or mask
  • Training fins (Zoomer or TYR type short fin)
  • Surface Fins
  • Boots or footwear to swim in
  • Top and bottom BDU’s to swim in
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Towels
  • Writing material

Testimonials From Previous Attendees: 

April 2022

"Great experience; some of the best Navy training I have gotten in my 4 + years." -Active Duty Individual

"Truly Appreciate Jeff and Rich giving extra time before class to help me improve, and their attitudes truly exemplified what it means to grow at swimming"Active Duty Individual 

Sept 2022 - Did this class improve your swimming?

"1000% Prior to this class, I was able to stay afloat, but never knew exactly how to swim.  Just from the before and after video, it is clear how much I have improved my overall swimming." - Active Duty

"Yes 10000000% I knew I was a poor swimmer but I did not know why or how to fix it.  The visual feedback was very helpful." - Active Duty

"Completely 180 degrees. I thought I knew something. I knew nothing." - Active Duty

Tactical Swimmers Course | Jeff Utsch
20% OFF | Tactical Swimmer's Course
20% OFF | Tactical Swimmer's Course