Tactical Swimmer's Course

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Tactical Swimmer’s 2 Day Course

Recommended Attendees: Any current SEAL or Military Special Operator who would like to hone skills in any aquatic environment.  Also, anyone preparing to attend or go through a selection schools such as BUD/S will benefit tremendously from this COI.

Course Description:  This is the Tactical Swimmers Course as taught to US Navy SEALs for over 20 years. If you would like the skills that are required to pass selection and be able to thrive in an open water environment this is a must have course.  From Drown Proofing to learning the proper Combat Side Stroke you will learn everything you need to know for tactical surface swimming skills.

Course Goals:

  • Become a more efficient swimmer (Time/Stroke Count/Heart Rate)
  • Understand Efficient Swimming (Max Efficiency in any situation i.e. equipment, fin selection, boots and BDU’s, other.)
  • Individual Objectives (Min PRT time, Training techniques, Competent in open water etc…)
  • Monitor Self-Progression
  • Ability to teach other’s lessons learned
  • Integrate new strokes including the Combat Side Stroke
  • Apply lessons to fin and open water swimming

Take Aways:

  • Video analysis of stroke
  • Current efficiency score and ways to measure improvement
  • Train to your weaknesses, know what that is
  • 4-week technique phase training
  • 12-week training phase program
  • Individualized program assistance
  • Guaranteed improvements


  • Complete syllabus attached to link

What to bring:

  • Suit
  • Goggles and/or mask
  • Training fins (Zoomer or TYR type short fin)
  • Surface Fins
  • Boots or footwear to swim in
  • Top and bottom BDU’s to swim in
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Towels
  • Writing material