I have seen time and again athletes who get injured and have no other choice but to use the pool as a way to rehab, stay conditioned while recovering, or reluctantly placate a demanding coach or physical therapist.  This part is not new but what has become evident to me after almost 3 decades of training large dryland athletes in the water is that we should be using the water more!  We should not be using the water only as a place of last resort when nothing else will do. 

Time and again it has been shown by experience that using in water exercises including proper swimming can help athletes recover faster, stay in shape during the off season without as much wear and tear to the body, maintain weight requirements, expand energy systems, decrease time to ramp up to specific dry land training, extend careers, a better active retirement life and much more.  

I believe we are on the cusp of having a breakthrough on how professional athletes use the water in all of these areas if eyes are opened to the empirical evidence that is all around us.